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Tohkaiya - ABOUT US


We operate out of our 1,500 tons cold storage. Tohkaiya ensures that the cold chain supply from the producers to the kitchen remains unbroken. These new facilities are built in accordance to European and USA guidelines.

Tohkaiya has a modern fleet of 20 refrigerated trucks that delivers to all over Bangkok and up country. We deliver to more than 33,000 destinations every month 6 days per week and ensure that the cold chain supply from the producers to the kitchen remains unbroken. To ensure efficiency and those products are kept and delivered to all customers in time, each truck is equipped with a GPRS systems in order for us to keep track and check routes for ultimate customer information and satisfaction.

Our “first in – first out” inventory management ensure stock and buffers to meet our clients demands anytime. The system controls grouping of products to prevent contamination and grouping of staff that have direct contact with products. A state of the art temperature inspection system audits and adjusts all temperature throughout the entire facility including our delivery trucks every hour.


Tohkaiya have obtained a HACCP mark to meet all necessary FDA regulations required.

We supply food in accordance to HALAL standards and requirements.

We are certified US Angus Beef supplier.

We are licensed supplier of Norwegian Seafood in Thailand by Norwegian Export Council.